Directors elected at inaugural AGM

The following were duly elected at a very well attended (44 members plus others) inaugural AGM in the Community Hall this evening:

Anne (Ali Beag) Macleod, Anne (Nurse) Macleod, Iain Muir, Ian (P.O.) Macleod, Linda Macleod, Nick Clooney, Phil Shaughnessy, Richard (Tanera) Williams, Steve Husband.

Both Alison Hitchings and Iseabail Muir withdrew their nominations before the ballot due to the weight of other commitments.

Congratulations to the new Directors, thanks to Andy Mackay, Ullapool,  for Chairing the ballot and announcing the results; also to Marilyn Mackenzie, Zoe Price and Louise Mackenzie for counting the votes, and Annie Sinclair for organising teas during the count.

Click on the Minutes tab at the top of the page for the full Minute of the meeting – as soon as it becomes available.

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