Achiltibuie Schoolhouse: another step forward

Achiltibuie Schoolhouse gate Highland Council Resources Committee has approved the transfer of Achiltibuie Schoolhouse to the Coigach Community Development Company on terms to be finalised with the Director of Development and Infrastructure. This good news means we may shortly be working with Highland Small Communities Housing Trust (HSCHT) to transform the vacant schoolhouse into two flats for rent. The plan is to lease the building to HSCHT who have the expertise and experience to take the project forward, oversee construction work and manage the tenancies. We are very happy with the working relationship we have with HSCHT and are grateful to them for their advice and support so far. Through HSCHT, substantial funding is already in place thanks to Nationwide Foundation (Shelter Empty Homes Initiative) and we are optimistic about attracting more to ensure a high standard of development. Although tenancies will be managed by HSCHT, CCDC and the community will have a say in the criteria for tenancy, eg: key worker, family connections,  someone working or coming to work in Coigach and/or able to demonstrate social and economic benefit to the community. The plan is to convert this solid Victorian house into two flats: one downstairs with access by the existing front door, and the other upstairs with access round the back. With the addition of modern insulation, new wiring and an energy-efficient heating system we are looking forward to seeing two cosy, comfortable homes and a few more people living  in the heart of the village. Achiltibuie schoolhouse playgroundThe “before” picture – note the wobbly chimney pot and overgrown garden. “Requires substantial upgrading but offers delightful views of the Summer Isles and Loch Broom. Convenient for local amenities including the community hall …. and school”

Article in West Highland Free Press 2 Jan 2015
Article in West Highland Free Press 2 Jan 2015

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