Hardy Perennials

The Ground Force!
The Ground Force!


Work will be starting soon on Achiltibuie Schoolhouse so we held a clear-out day to cut back some of the undergrowth that was beginning to take over the garden. Local volunteers armed with a various bits of gardening paraphernalia gathered on Saturday 19th March and were soon chopping and lopping to tackle the jungle. A couple of hours later and there was something of a transformation – it may not be a contender for garden of of the year yet, but there is space now, allowing access for the construction team who will be working on the building (soon we hope).  Many thanks to all our volunteers for their time and effored – and missing from the picture Bill and Iain who removed several trailer-loads of branches and greenery – and especially to Lesley and Rose at the Piping School Cafe who generously sponsored the day by providing lunch for the garden army.


Steve chopping trees Work underway Ruth and Iain dealing with clematis


And after…..


Schoolhouse after clearance

One thought on “Hardy Perennials

  • Hi there. Wondering if anyone can help. I live on Scoraig, and several residents here are trying to form a group to clear a 2 and a half acre piece of land to form a community garden. We are looking for any guidance on the first steps to take i.e what type of group to form (trust, charity, etc), any grants or funding available etc. in order to get started.
    The garden will be permaculture based, and include a workshop to learn new skills and crafts etc.
    I volunteered to contact your community having been greatly impressed on visiting your community last year.
    If anyone can point us in the right direction we would be grateful.
    Thank you. Janet Betts

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