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Achiltibuie Smokehouse: we’re getting there!

A member of the co-moo-nity celebrates.
A member of the co-moo-nity celebrates.

Last week we were delighted to report the news that we have successfully secured Scottish Land Fund grant assistance for the community of Coigach to purchase the former Achiltibuie Smokehouse and appoint a project officer to develop the building and business.  Our appeal for assistance from  community members and the Coigach Diaspora to raise the remaining 5% contribution of the purchase price has met with a fantastic response so many, many thanks for the help so far.

It looks like we are now well on target to be ready to take ownership by the middle of the month.  We still have a little bit to go, and should we succeed in exceeding our target any extra will warmly welcomed and invested in the future of the Smokehouse development. We promised to supply bank details for anyone who would like to use this quick and easy method to contribute – so here they are:


The Co-operative Bank PLC, Skelmersdale

Account Number:  65637890,

Sort Code:  08 92 99


And of course we are only too happy to receive cheques made out Coigach Community Development Company, c/o J Campbell, Coigach Community Hall, Achiltibuie IV26 2YG.

Thanks again to those generous people who have contributed so far and watch this space for further developments.

Julia Campbell, Local Development Officer, Coigach Community Development Company  01854 622 379

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