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Pink Elephant


Our shop popped-up as planned last Wednesday and it was a busy couple of days. People brought in donations of jumble – and of course bought more to take home again. The old smokehouse shop and packing room were full of treasures – everything from designer dresses to homemade chutney. In the old prep room, stall-holders touted their wares which included toys being sold for holiday pocket money, mounted antlers (a must for any Highland home) and an interesting selection of household goods, and as you can see, there was a curiously wide variety of dark and/or 3d specs which everyone had to try….

We plan to open the shop over the next couple of weeks  when we are in the office (usually Mondays, Tuesday and Thursday mornings) but if you want to browse please phone Julia 01854 622 379 to arrange access.  Eventually we’ll parcel up what’s left over and distribute to charity shops. If you suddenly find the need for a self-turning spaghetti fork, or a fondue set don’t hesitate to call us! There’s also great coffee machine, a useful wheelie shopping trolley and some very nice bits and pieces awaiting re-homing.

And if you would like to start a shop of your own…do let us know. This building is full of possibilities and even just running our jumble shop showed it in a completely different aspect.

By the way, if anyone has any old chairs (kitchen/office/dining type) looking for a new home please let us know: we sold some of ours by mistake (such was the enthusiasm for buying and selling).



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