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Badentarbet and Old Dornie – Piers report. What next?

Badentarbet Pier


Following the report on Badentarbet Pier and Old Dornie Harbour presented at a public meeting last month, Coigach Community Council have invited all those with an interest in the Coigach piers to come along to their next meeting:

To read the full report click here Coigach Piers Report WS

Notice of Meeting of the Coigach Community Council  Monday 10th February  2014 in the Hall at 7.30pm

Provisional Agenda

1. Present and Apologies for absence.

2. Chairman’s Welcome.

3. Declarations of Interest.

4. Minutes of the Meeting of 11thth Nov 2013.

5. Treasurer’s Report

6. Matters Arising from Minutes, not elsewhere on the Agenda.

7. Police Matters

8.Badentarbet Pier and Old Dornie Piers and Harbour.

9. CALL and Geopark  (updates)

10. Planning.

11. Correspondence


13.Date of next meeting. (Agenda items to Chairman Ali Macleod 622 234)

Re Item 8: All interested parties, particularly pier users are invited to the meeting to discuss a way forward following the presentation on Jan 8th by Wallace Stone. If anyone wants an electronic copy of this report please contact and I will send you a copy

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