Coigach’s Heritage: tea, cakes, local stories….and Nelson.

CCDC was delighted to assist Coigach Heritage through our Community Fund with a A Small Grant for Organisations. Coigach Heritage is run by a committee of volunteers with help from the wider community. The group has been organising events and exhibitions for many years and creating an archive of photographs and stories of the area’s rich history. The £5000 grant has enabled the group to undertake further and more concentrated work in that area.  Local resident Ann Marie Firth Bernard has been contracted to amongst other things, develop the archive and transfer it on to E Hive, co-ordinate archive training for volunteers and to promote and publicise Coigach Heritage. There is a link to the latest newsletter at the bottom of this page.

This Saturday 1st of June is the now famous Coigach Heritage Tea. It’s a chance to meet the group, share stories and of course to tuck in to a range of delicious home-baking. We have many wonderful bakers here so don’t miss this opportunity to sample their work!

Coigach Heritage Tea

Saturday 1st June 2019 2.30pm – 4pm

Coigach Community Hall



    • Fantastic Home Baking!
    • Coigach – who are we? Photos of residents by Fiona Taylor and Peter Haring
    • Coigach Fishing – oral histories collected by Angus Macleod for CALLP Marine Project
    • Historical & archaeological information about Tanera More and Achlochan



Coigach Heritage News:

Ann Marie has produced a very informative and entertaining newsletter which makes for very interesting reading whether you know Coigach or not. Did you know there was a Coigach connection with the Battle of Trafalgar for instance?  Or that Coigach people had successfully mobilised to resist eviction during the infamous Clearances? (About 15 years ago the community brought this particular memory to life by staging a play drawing on memoirs and adding witty commentary to bring it up to date. One day we hope to repeat the exercise and make sure this piece of Coigach’s more recent history is retained).

Click on the link below to read

Coigach Heritage Newsletter 2019


Spring Newsletter

Spring Greetings!


Through the Community Fund money is continuing to flow into various parts of Coigach. Since we last reported to you, through our Small Grants Fund for Organisations (up to £5k), the following applications have been successful:

  • Coigach Heritage– £4,500 to support the development and promotion of the archive;
  • Coigach Community Rowing–£4,550 for the club to purchase equipment with a view to competing in the world skiff championships in Stranraer in July and to involve more of the community in their activities by holding 3 social rowing/ taster days;
  • Assynt and Coigach Creatives– part funding of £609 to produce a map-based creative trail guide and a leaflet promoting an Open Studios event in September;
  • Coigach Community Trust – £1,500 towards the costs of a 20thAnniversary Celebration for the Hall.

Our Supporting Children and Young People Fund exists to enable Coigach youngsters to access activities or obtain equipment that will support their development.  We continue to awards grants for varied purposes including:

  • musical instruments (we meet 50% of the costs);
  • attending Feis Rois;
  • going to a camp;
  • driving lessons.

We are delighted when we hear how these funds are making a difference, so it was lovely to have this photo sent to us by one of the graduates from driving lessons. Congratulations to Calum Peach.


Our Education and Training BursariesFund is designed to enable adults to access training courses (including driving lessons) and further and higher education. Under this fund we have made an award recently for a person to undertake or a training course. We encourage any of you looking at training or attending college or university to apply to us.

Our Wellbeing Fund exists to support people in Coigach to participate in a range of arts, cultural and natural heritage, leisure and recreations and scientific events, non-certificated/informal life-long learning courses and activities. We have recently made an award to enable someone to take up High Life membership.

Coigach Piers and Harbours Group. We gave £745 to the Group to stage on 1stApril at the Hall a Duty Holder’s Training Course to cover the Port Marine Safety Code and the duties required to ensure compliance. This excellent course – delivered by Monty Smedley of APBmer – was attended by 19 people and proved to be absorbing and informative. It has given the Group much to think about as it looks at its next steps.

CCDC also funded the Living Well, Dying Wellday on 28thFebruary. A dozen stallholders offered advice and information on matters such as power of attorney, living wills, advance planning and personal wishes. Much was learned by those of us who attended.

For our youngest citizens we have the Coigach Baby Fund– a gift to all new babies to welcome them to the community.

We have also been able to replace the schoolhouse windows, making the flats extra-cosy and fuel efficient. The old ones are on their way to CALL’s demonstration croft at Reiff where a whole new life awaits them as cold frames.

If you would like to know more how our grants could benefit you, please get in touch.

Thanks to all of you who contributed to ourHousing Needs Surveyand £25 is winging its way to the winner of the prize draw.  We are expecting a report detailing and interpreting the findings by 22ndApril. Initial feedback indicates that housing remains a priority in the community, with many respondents wishing to build their own or who are looking for secure and affordable rented accommodation.

New Development Plan. As part of the process of creating a new Plan we held a community drop in event and Burns Lunch on Saturday 19thJanuary in Coigach Community Hall. This was well attended with 36 people giving their views. There was an excellent lunch provided by Achiltibuie Primary School to raise funds for their new playground equipment. We are now working with the information provided on that day.

Acheninver Path. As part of the Coigach Assynt Living Landscape project, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, we have planning permission to improve the Acheninver path. Keith Mackey of Outdoor Access Trust is the project manager. After the tendering process is completed, it is likely contactors will start work on the Path by the end of May.

Collected Music and Tales of Coigach and Assynt: As part of the Coigach and Assynt Living Landscape Partnership (CALLP) an oral history researcher will shortly be starting work conducting interviews, obtaining new and reviewing existing documents/music relating to people’s experience of Coigach and Assynt song and music over the years. This exciting piece of work will support the wider project aims to create a new piece of music, stage a concert, and publish a song book, by collecting and exploring the existing archive material and providing a context from which the new music will be created.

More Information.If you would like to know more or volunteer don’t hesitate to contact us. Julia Campbell/Donald Macleod

Housing Survey update

Thanks to all of you who took part in the recent housing needs survey. There was an excellent response from people in Coigach and beyond. The findings of the survey will inform what we do next,

The prize draw winner has been selected at random and a cheque for £25 from turbine funds is winging its way to one lucky survey participant. Congratuations – and  enjoy treating yourself!


tin house

Coigach Community Fund – how to apply.

As a result of the income generated by our wind turbine, Varuna, we  have  four funds available for applications from people living in Coigach and from organisations operating in our community.

The four funds (including application forms and guidance notes) are:

CCDC Education and Training Bursaries Fund 

CCDC Education and Training Bursaries Fund for Adults 16+ (Individuals) (Final V1, Sept 2018)

The Fund is open for applications from any adults (aged 16+) of the community of Coigach who wish to develop their skills and who are undertaking courses delivered by accredited organisations and recognised training providers. This includes prospective and current students at colleges or universities, apprentices, and any adults wanting to undertake further training/ skills development.

Bursaries are for a maximum of £500.00 per applicant per financial year for those aged 16+ – but no more than £1,500.00 in any 5-year period.

CCDC Wellbeing Fund 

CCDC Wellbeing Fund for Adults 16+ (Individuals) (Final V1, Sept 2018)

This Fund is open to support individuals (aged 16+) living in Coigach to participate (including to perform) in a range of arts, cultural and natural heritage, leisure and recreational, and scientific events, non-certificated/informal lifelong learning courses and activities.  Awards are for a maximum of £500.00 per applicant per financial year – but no more than £1,500.00 in any 5-year period.

CCDC Supporting Children and Young People Fund  

CCDC Supporting Children and Young People Fund (Individuals) (Final V1, Sept 2018)

This Fund is open to support children from birth to the time that they, as young people, exit secondary education. Note that this Fund is for individuals to enable them to access activities or obtain equipment that will support their development. Awards are for a maximum of £500.00 per applicant per financial year – but no more than £1,500.00 in any 5-year period.

CCDC Small Grant (up to £5,000) Fund for Organisations  

CCDC Small Grants (up to £5,000) for Organisations Application Form (Final V1, Sept 2018)

This fund is open to organisations (voluntary bodies, school etc.) that want to apply for funding for a project which meets one of CCDC’s wide-ranging charitable objects (too many to list here) and which will benefit the community of Coigach.

If you need any further information, please either email us at or phone one of our Local Development Officers,

Julia Campbell (622-379) or Donald Macleod (622-372)


Coigach Housing Needs Survey

Housing for Coigach’s future.

Affordable?  More space for kids?  Somewhere to downsize? Green? Cheap and easy to heat? Accessible? Close to family? Handy for work? What matters to you?

Our Housing Needs Survey is now live on the Highland Small Communities Housing Trust (HSCHT) website – link below so read on…..

Please fill it in – even if you are not in need of housing yourself right now, there are people in the community who are and it will strengthen our case for funding and support from other organisations who can help us. And there is an opportunity in the survey to add comment for future needs…perhaps you would like a different kind of home at a later stage in your life? Or maybe you have family who want to move here?

Housing has been a community priority for some years and now the wind turbine is up and running we are in a better position to take things forward on behalf of the community.  We are currently looking at a couple of land options and with income from the turbine to use as match-funding to access bigger funding pots, we are hoping affordable housing for Coigach will be a reality within the next five years.

We are working with HSCHT who have expertise in this area and who have completed many successful housing projects throughout the Highlands and Islands.  HSCHT have devised this housing survey so we can gather the evidence and information required to make informed plans for the future.

YOUR INPUT IS VERY VALUABLE so please fill in the survey by following this link:


If you know someone who wants to fill in the survey but doesn’t have access to the internet, please help them or put them in touch with us so we can help. We are here in the office as a rule Mondays and Tuesdays, in the hall lounge Wednesdays and sometimes Thursdays. We are flexible though and can be here  or visit you on request!


AND there’s a prize…. one lucky survey-completer will win £25 to treat themselves!! The survey takes about 10 – 15 minutes to complete and you need to complete the survey by the end of February to be entered into the prize draw.

Thanks in advance!

Julia Campbell and Donald Macleod, Local Development Officers