LDOs open for business!!

‘What do you want for Coigach?’  Linda and Peter ask. We have now started as Development Officers for the CCDC.  It is a full time post which we are job-sharing.  Our remit is to promote and support Coigach, taking forward ideas and projects from the community.  Linda Macleod new LDO.
Lots of ideas have already been voiced through the ‘Have Your Say’ days, so we’ve got a busy year ahead pursuing those, but we’re always keen to hear more ideas –  big, small or in between, long-term, short-term, new or old. 

This is the first time that we has had a dedicated resource like this – just for Coigach – so please help us to make it as productive as we can!

A survey will be coming through your letter box at the beginning of December.  This is a Highlands and Islands Enterprise survey but it will give us some useful information and we were able to add a few questions at the end. So please,  please fill it in when it arrives!   Thanks in advance.

We will be at the Hall as many Wednesdays as we can.

You can contact us by email on CoigachLDO@hotmail.co.uk or by telephone,

Linda on 622 372 or 0750 398 2320,

Peter on 622 444  or 0750 394 6512

or failing that … you know where we live!

Many thanks, Peter and Linda.

Directors elected at inaugural AGM

The following were duly elected at a very well attended (44 members plus others) inaugural AGM in the Community Hall this evening:

Anne (Ali Beag) Macleod, Anne (Nurse) Macleod, Iain Muir, Ian (P.O.) Macleod, Linda Macleod, Nick Clooney, Phil Shaughnessy, Richard (Tanera) Williams, Steve Husband.

Both Alison Hitchings and Iseabail Muir withdrew their nominations before the ballot due to the weight of other commitments.

Congratulations to the new Directors, thanks to Andy Mackay, Ullapool,  for Chairing the ballot and announcing the results; also to Marilyn Mackenzie, Zoe Price and Louise Mackenzie for counting the votes, and Annie Sinclair for organising teas during the count.

Click on the Minutes tab at the top of the page for the full Minute of the meeting – as soon as it becomes available.

AGM date change + Director Nomination List

Please note the date of the inaugural AGM has been changed to MONDAY 3rd May. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Director Nominations, Address, Proposers and Seconders

Alison Hitchings (Achduart)     Pr. D Miller   Sec. T  Sinclair

Ann (Ali Beag) Macleod (Achnahaird)  Pr.  D Green  Sec. S Green

Ann (Nurse) Macleod (Achnahaird)    Pr.    A Hitchings     Sec. J.Macleod

Ben Walton (Polglas)   Pr.  V Walton  Sec. D Walton

Dan Walton (Achiltibuie)  Pr. L Muir  Sec. A Hitchings

Iain Muir (Polbain)   Pr. B Walton    Sec. A Sinclair

Ian (P.O.) Macleod (Achiltibuie)  Pr. A Hitchings  Sec. B Hitchings

Iseabail Muir (Polglas)   Pr. S Husband   Sec. B Walton

Linda Macleod (Altandhu) Pr.  L Muir  Sec.  A Hitchings

Nick Clooney (Reiff)  Pr.  D Wilding  Sec. J Clooney

Phil Shaughnessy (Achiltibuie)  Pr. B Walton  Sec. D Walton

Richard Williams (Tanera) Pr.  S Husband  Sec. T Ross

Steve Husband (Acheninver)  Pr. H Hassall  Sec. D Miller

Next Meeting


INAUGURAL AGM All Welcome!Community Hall 7.30pm

NOTE DATE CHANGE : Monday 3rd May

(Members only may vote. Membership form available from shops and Post Office etc. or on this site – click on Memb. Form Tab above)

Agenda will include:

Review of activities to date

Election of Directors

Prioritising future activities

Anyone on the Coigach electoral register is able to become a member entitled to vote, and we also have Junior and Associate membership for non-voters keen to support the Coigach Community Development Company.

Any full member is eligible to stand for election as a director.

Membership Forms and Directors Nomination Forms available at Achiltibuie Stores, Polbain Stores, Achiltibuie Post Office etc. and can also be copied and printed from this site. Please see the Tabs to click on for these forms under the header picture at the top of the page.

Community wind turbine ballot result..

A working group reporting to the Coigach Community Council (Coigach Community Renewable Energy Working Group) has been investigating and researching the possibility of a community renewable energy scheme, with the help of Community Energy Scotland. CES also paid for the recent feasibility work done by Atmos, who presented their results at an open afternoon and an evening presentation to the public in the Community Hall. Prior to that the CCREWG had held many public meetings and over a period of years had looked into wave, tidal and hydro power as well as wind power to see what was best capable in Coigach of generating a good revenue stream for community benefit and sustainability and also thereby  reducing the community’s ‘carbon footprint.’
The Coigach Community Council recently circulated a letter of information to everyone on the electoral register in Coigach prior to ballot papers being sent out from the Highland Council. The ballot papers had to be returned to the Highland Council for counting and the results were as follows.
Ballot Question As a member of the Coigach Community on the Electoral Roll do you support the progression of a 900KW (or less) wind turbine at Achvraie, with the aim of generating funds for community benefit?
Ballot Papers Issued 220
Ballot Papers Returned 184 83.6% of papers issued
Yes 124 68% of votes cast
No 59 32% of votes cast
Papers marked “Abstain” 1
Papers Spoilt 0

The result allows this Community Project to be taken forward to full planning; which will involve rigorous scrutiny by all the planning bodies appropriate to this type of project.