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Smile Aunty Jessie!

Do you know someone who is may be missing out because they don’t know how to do things online? With so many services being provided via the Internet now, it’s important to get in the know! Citizens Online is a national charity that was set up to tackle the issues of digital inclusion, to make sure that the Internet is available to everybody and to help individuals and communities understand and gain the benefits of being online.

CCDC is working with Citizens Online and we’re setting up friendly, informal, local classes here in Coigach starting in the new year. Classes will be free so please pass the word on to friends and neighbours who could benefit. Details will be advertised soon!  With many services increasingly only available online, and rising costs for paper bills etc, it can be a real help for someone to learn the simple steps it takes to access the internet – and a whole new world!

For further info contact LDO Julia Campbell 01854 622 379 and have a look at this website:

Coigach Stitchers – get your needles ready!

Scottish Tapestry




SCOTLAND IN STITCHES The Great Tapestry of Scotland is a unique project to stitch the entire story of Scotland from pre-history to modern times. The Great Tapestry of Scotland is the brainchild of one of Scotland’s best- known writers, Alexander McCall Smith. The 44 Scotland Street author, together with historian Alistair Moffat, and with the artistic talents of Andrew Crummy, (not to mention stitchers from all over Scotland!) form a team set to produce one of the world’s longest tapestries through one of the biggest community arts projects ever to take place in Scotland.

For further information on this exciting project have a look at the website.

Thanks to the Souper Troopers!

Achiltibuie Winter Craft and Produce Fair

Many thanks to all those members and friends who came along to support our Soup & Sandwich lunch at the Winter Craft and Produce Fair (run by local business women Julie Edwards and Ann Marie Firth Bernard)  on Saturday 24th November. Our joint catering venture with Abi Muir  raised £370 to be split 50/50 between us.

Special thanks to our soup makers: Coigach Wind Power Chair Alison Sinclair (lentil & bacon), CCDC Director Ann Macleod (spicy sausage) and members Dorothy Miller (minestrone) and Lesley Muir (smoked ham hough and lentil) for their delicious contributions (and we hear that the LDO’s experimental French onion wasn’t as bad as feared either).  Thanks to all who turned up, set up, served up, ate up and cleared up.

Abi,  a pupil at Ullapool High School,  is raising funds to travel to Uganda for a year to work as a volunteer for the Project Trust where she will be helping teach primary school children. Abi and her mum Ish Pendred provided a mouth-watering spread of sandwiches, and with the generous contribution of a beautiful fruitcake made by Moira Reed, our customers seemed very satisfied indeed – and Abi is a little nearer her fundraising goal of £5000.

And if you are Christmas shopping online this year, you can help Abi by using the link below:

Hello! (from Abi) I have just set up a easy fundraising account, this is where people can sign in through this site and shop on line, and up to 15% from each purchase will go towards my year in Uganda! It wont cost you any extra money and there are loads of shops you can do it through like amazon, debehnams, boots and more! Just click on this link and you can do your on line shopping through this site 🙂 Thank you!

Anyone for Soup?

Coigach Community Development Company
Acheninver Kitchen by Dorothy Miller

CCDC Soup will be on sale at the Craft Fair in Coigach Community Hall, Achiltibuie on Saturday 24th November. Abi Muir will be selling savoury snacks to go with it to raise funds for her volunteering trip to Uganda.  Come along and do some Christmas shopping, support small local producers – and enjoy it all in our lovely hall.


Fancy some renewable heating in your home?

Ullapool Community Trust   Our neighbours Ullapool Community Trust (UCT)  may have the answer! If you are   considering installing a renewable heating system in your home and you live in the Lochbroom/Coigach area have a look at the attached information pack which gives details of grants and assistance available.  The deadline for applications is 6th November so please contact Ewan Young at UCT as soon as possible. Once you have expressed interest UCT will arrange for Jason Leon (On Site Generation) to carry out a survey of your home and discuss your options.

Ewan’s phone number 07878 155 623

Email:  or call in to the UCT Office in the Harbour Buildings on Ullapool Pier.

Info Pack:  Basic Information   Full Information Pack

Smokehouse Ballot Results

The results of the Community Ballot “Do you support the Coigach Community Development Company’s  aim to buy the former Smokehouse building and associated land  at Altandhu, Coigach IV26 2YR, (subject to funding) for community benefit ?” was 81.50% in favour (electoral roll 213, votes cast 146, 119 in favour, 27 against, 1 spolit paper). Thanks for your support and on to the next step..

Thanks to The Highland Council Electoral Office for conducting the ballot and to everyone who voted.

What would YOU do with the old smokehouse building?

As part of the Community Right to Buy process, CCDC have hired SAOS, a cooperative consultancy group to carry out an appraisal of options: to see what might be possible, and to invite ideas, suggestions and comments from people in the community – particularly those who might wish to use the building – for food production, or perhaps something completely different…

Dougie Watson and Hazel Gordon of SAOS will be around Coigach over the next week or so and would be delighted to hear from you.

If you’d like to chip in, or have a slice of the action please contact Dougie Watson 07831 138626 or

Tanera Mor: Community Ownership?

Summer Isles Enterprises, who own the island of Tanera Mor, the largest and only inhabited  of the famous Summer Isles have announced their intention to offer us the opportunity of a community buy-out.  There will be a Public Meeting on Monday 1 October  at 7pm in Coigach Community Hall, Achiltibuie so come along and share your thoughts.  Much to discuss over the coming weeks  and we all wish the Wilders and Williams well with their future plans: since coming to Tanera they have contributed generously in time and spirit and continue to be very valued members of our community. Whatever you decide to do next, we’re sure you’ll do it well!

“After almost 16 years as a happy home and a productive enterprise for the Wilder family, the time has come for a change for Tanera Mòr. As had always been their intention, Bill and Jean passed the title of Tanera on to their three offspring – Jack, Harry and Lizzie – in 2010. Now that all three siblings have their own young families we have all been carefully considering the future, and have taken the decision to approach the community to discuss the possibility of a community buyout.

As this is a real opportunity for the local community to purchase Tanera, the family is keen to assist as much as possible in the process. To that end discussions have just been initiated with Coigach Community Development Company, and we have arranged a public meeting for Monday 1st October at 7pm in the Community Hall.

Everyone in the family is extremely attached to Tanera and we have had a fantastic few years running the island and living in Coigach, and hope very much to remain in this part of the world. This has not been an easy decision but we feel it is the right one for all the young Wilder and Williams families, and for Tanera.

We are continuing to plan for 2013 as a ‘normal’ season, with the usual array of residential courses, holiday lets and other goings on, and hope that it will all pass without too much disruption to our valued clientele. Thereafter we wait to see what the future holds.”

Summer Isles Smokehouse Ballot

Summer Isles Foods Smokehouse

Community Right to Buy: The former Smokehouse building, Altandhu, Coigach.

Coigach Community Development Company will be holding a postal ballot to ascertain the view of all those on Coigach’s electoral roll on the following question:
“Do you support the Coigach Community Development Company’s aim to buy the Smokehouse building and associated land at Altandhu, Coigach IV26 2YR (subject to funding) for community benefit?”
Ballot papers will be sent out by Highland Council on 21st September 2012, for return by 4pm on Thursday 4th October 2012 at the latest. If you have any queries regarding voting please contact Cheryl Thomson at Highland Council on 01463 702 945. Ballot papers will be counted by Highland Council and the Scottish Government will be notified of the results

Coigach Piers: Have your say.

Coigach Community Development Company

Coigach Community Development Company
invite you to a Public Event:
Badentarbet Pier and Old Dornie Harbour
How do you see the future?

Come and meet the engineers: Wallace Stone LLC
who are conducting the  feasibility study for CCDC.
Come along, have a cup of tea and share your views
Tuesday 25th September 7pm – 8.30pm
Wednesday 26th September 10am – 1pm.
tel Julia Campbell 01854 622 379


Note 8 October 2012 – This turned out to  be a very useful event and we’ll be posting a short report and some of the pictures soon.