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Coigach Housing Needs Survey

Housing for Coigach’s future.

Affordable?  More space for kids?  Somewhere to downsize? Green? Cheap and easy to heat? Accessible? Close to family? Handy for work? What matters to you?

Our Housing Needs Survey is now live on the Highland Small Communities Housing Trust (HSCHT) website – link below so read on…..

Please fill it in – even if you are not in need of housing yourself right now, there are people in the community who are and it will strengthen our case for funding and support from other organisations who can help us. And there is an opportunity in the survey to add comment for future needs…perhaps you would like a different kind of home at a later stage in your life? Or maybe you have family who want to move here?

Housing has been a community priority for some years and now the wind turbine is up and running we are in a better position to take things forward on behalf of the community.  We are currently looking at a couple of land options and with income from the turbine to use as match-funding to access bigger funding pots, we are hoping affordable housing for Coigach will be a reality within the next five years.

We are working with HSCHT who have expertise in this area and who have completed many successful housing projects throughout the Highlands and Islands.  HSCHT have devised this housing survey so we can gather the evidence and information required to make informed plans for the future.

YOUR INPUT IS VERY VALUABLE so please fill in the survey by following this link:


If you know someone who wants to fill in the survey but doesn’t have access to the internet, please help them or put them in touch with us so we can help. We are here in the office as a rule Mondays and Tuesdays, in the hall lounge Wednesdays and sometimes Thursdays. We are flexible though and can be here  or visit you on request!


AND there’s a prize…. one lucky survey-completer will win £25 to treat themselves!! The survey takes about 10 – 15 minutes to complete and you need to complete the survey by the end of February to be entered into the prize draw.

Thanks in advance!

Julia Campbell and Donald Macleod, Local Development Officers

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