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Coigach’s Heritage: tea, cakes, local stories….and Nelson.

CCDC was delighted to assist Coigach Heritage through our Community Fund with a A Small Grant for Organisations. Coigach Heritage is run by a committee of volunteers with help from the wider community. The group has been organising events and exhibitions for many years and creating an archive of photographs and stories of the area’s rich history. The £5000 grant has enabled the group to undertake further and more concentrated work in that area.  Local resident Ann Marie Firth Bernard has been contracted to amongst other things, develop the archive and transfer it on to E Hive, co-ordinate archive training for volunteers and to promote and publicise Coigach Heritage. There is a link to the latest newsletter at the bottom of this page.

This Saturday 1st of June is the now famous Coigach Heritage Tea. It’s a chance to meet the group, share stories and of course to tuck in to a range of delicious home-baking. We have many wonderful bakers here so don’t miss this opportunity to sample their work!

Coigach Heritage Tea

Saturday 1st June 2019 2.30pm – 4pm

Coigach Community Hall



    • Fantastic Home Baking!
    • Coigach – who are we? Photos of residents by Fiona Taylor and Peter Haring
    • Coigach Fishing – oral histories collected by Angus Macleod for CALLP Marine Project
    • Historical & archaeological information about Tanera More and Achlochan



Coigach Heritage News:

Ann Marie has produced a very informative and entertaining newsletter which makes for very interesting reading whether you know Coigach or not. Did you know there was a Coigach connection with the Battle of Trafalgar for instance?  Or that Coigach people had successfully mobilised to resist eviction during the infamous Clearances? (About 15 years ago the community brought this particular memory to life by staging a play drawing on memoirs and adding witty commentary to bring it up to date. One day we hope to repeat the exercise and make sure this piece of Coigach’s more recent history is retained).

Click on the link below to read

Coigach Heritage Newsletter 2019


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