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Film companies beat track to Coigach!

If proof were needed that Coigach has world-beating scenery no matter what the time of year,  you need look no further than the very recently released international blockbuster film ‘The Eagle’ – part of which was filmed here. Director: the world-famous Kevin MacDonald (‘The Last King of Scotland’, ‘Into the Void’) and starring Donald Sutherland, Jamie Bell (‘Billy Elliot’), Channing Tatum (‘G I Joe’, ‘Step Up’) and Mark Strong.

Above: star Jamie Bell above Fox Point at the village set with Tanera Mor in the background.

Film-dom hit Coigach in late 2009 with the roar of massive, tracked, film-company mega-vehicles – as a skilled crew of set designers, film craftspeople, and mallet-wielding muscle  re-modelled part of Fox Point into a ‘Seal People’ neolithic-style village … with ‘ancient’ roundhouses of glass fibre so realistically painted as to fool even the closest observer.

Almost every holiday house on the peninsula was booked for camera people, technicians, horse-handlers, the director and his team, and the Summer Isles Hotel for the top ‘talent’,  Jamie and Channing ….or Chan as he insisted we called him as he set up the drinks at the bar!

Now the feature film has hit the Box Office in the States and Britain ….with a special showing locally in March for Achiltibuie to thank everyone involved.  Locals were in the thick of it –  everything from providing accommodation, food, nursing services, extras, helping to look after and stable the horses, to organising a Grand Ceilidh in our Community Hall, (where the film office was based) for the stars and crew at the end of the Coigach section of filming.


Hope you all spotted that they were galloping over Achnahaird beach and the shots of the Summer Isles and the area around Loch Badagyle even in that short trail-feature.

Shortly after shooting ended for ‘The Eagle’ another film company was in Coigach making a ‘Tartan Short’ style film involving a bus load of American Tourists in a ‘back to the future’ encounter with the Picts!

All in all an Autumn season’s work for the sensational scenery, quality accommodation and resourceful community of Coigach.

Bring it on, Hollywood!

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