Coigach Community Development Company

Great news for Coigach’s future!

Flensburg Students (2)

In the light of a revised method of connecting our turbine to the grid which will cost us less than original estimates, and with further analysis of wind recordings, the value of our project to the community of Coigach has been further refined – and it’s tremendous news! After all finance costs we are on track to deliver 2.2 million pounds over the twenty year lifetime of the project to Coigach Community Development Company for spending in our community – for wide-ranging community projects, business developments, bursaries for young folk, etc.

With this to look forward to it’s a great time to be in Coigach!


Horshader village turbine

Horshader, Isle of Lewis – a small crofting community investing in the future and funding projects thanks to the village turbine.


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