Coigach Community Development Company

It’s Official! Coigach is a great place to live!

The recent community survey of Coigach has been completed and the results analysed. It makes fascinating reading – click on the Survey Results tab above.

The same survey has been conducted by HIE in many remote communities from Argyll to Shetland …and the comment has come back that compared to many other places, Coigach residents feel very positive about their community.

Needless to say the negative things we all know about have been highlighted too – and there were no surprises in that list (housing, jobs, workplaces, etc). It’s good to get evidence from across the community that these issues are important – it helps strengthen arguments we can make (to funders, politicians, etc) to get them resolved.

If you filled in one of the questionnaire forms yourself, you’ll know it was a bit dry (we didn’t write it!), so some of the report deals with questions that were of more interest to HIE than us, but have a read and see what you think!

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