Coigach Community Development Company

Site Visit to Achavraie Burn

A walk to the head-waters of Achavraie burn

On Friday 28th October, John Duncanson and Gordon Robertson (Consulting Engineers) came for a look at Achavraie Burn, the site for proposed micro-hydro scheme for Coigach. Accompanied by Steve Husband and Alison Hitchings of CCDC’s energy sub-group and local businessman Peter Drake who was one of the main movers and shakers responsible for Coigach’s splendid Community Hall.

For this joint venture for CCDC and landowners Scottish Wildlife Trust a new company – Ben Mor Hydro Ltd –  has been formed and following tendering and interviews BMH Ltd was delighted to appoint John Duncanson to carry out a feasibility study. The study will consider all aspects of the scheme and will carry the process through to the planning stage.

Complementary to our proposed wind turbine, this is another promising project to make use of our natural resources: every rain cloud could potentially have a silver lining for the Community!

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