Coigach Community Development Company

AGM date change + Director Nomination List

Please note the date of the inaugural AGM has been changed to MONDAY 3rd May. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Director Nominations, Address, Proposers and Seconders

Alison Hitchings (Achduart)     Pr. D Miller   Sec. T  Sinclair

Ann (Ali Beag) Macleod (Achnahaird)  Pr.  D Green  Sec. S Green

Ann (Nurse) Macleod (Achnahaird)    Pr.    A Hitchings     Sec. J.Macleod

Ben Walton (Polglas)   Pr.  V Walton  Sec. D Walton

Dan Walton (Achiltibuie)  Pr. L Muir  Sec. A Hitchings

Iain Muir (Polbain)   Pr. B Walton    Sec. A Sinclair

Ian (P.O.) Macleod (Achiltibuie)  Pr. A Hitchings  Sec. B Hitchings

Iseabail Muir (Polglas)   Pr. S Husband   Sec. B Walton

Linda Macleod (Altandhu) Pr.  L Muir  Sec.  A Hitchings

Nick Clooney (Reiff)  Pr.  D Wilding  Sec. J Clooney

Phil Shaughnessy (Achiltibuie)  Pr. B Walton  Sec. D Walton

Richard Williams (Tanera) Pr.  S Husband  Sec. T Ross

Steve Husband (Acheninver)  Pr. H Hassall  Sec. D Miller

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