Tanera Mor: Community Ownership?

Summer Isles Enterprises, who own the island of Tanera Mor, the largest and only inhabited  of the famous Summer Isles have announced their intention to offer us the opportunity of a community buy-out.  There will be a Public Meeting on Monday 1 October  at 7pm in Coigach Community Hall, Achiltibuie so come along and share your thoughts.  Much to discuss over the coming weeks  and we all wish the Wilders and Williams well with their future plans: since coming to Tanera they have contributed generously in time and spirit and continue to be very valued members of our community. Whatever you decide to do next, we’re sure you’ll do it well!

“After almost 16 years as a happy home and a productive enterprise for the Wilder family, the time has come for a change for Tanera Mòr. As had always been their intention, Bill and Jean passed the title of Tanera on to their three offspring – Jack, Harry and Lizzie – in 2010. Now that all three siblings have their own young families we have all been carefully considering the future, and have taken the decision to approach the community to discuss the possibility of a community buyout.

As this is a real opportunity for the local community to purchase Tanera, the family is keen to assist as much as possible in the process. To that end discussions have just been initiated with Coigach Community Development Company, and we have arranged a public meeting for Monday 1st October at 7pm in the Community Hall.

Everyone in the family is extremely attached to Tanera and we have had a fantastic few years running the island and living in Coigach, and hope very much to remain in this part of the world. This has not been an easy decision but we feel it is the right one for all the young Wilder and Williams families, and for Tanera.

We are continuing to plan for 2013 as a ‘normal’ season, with the usual array of residential courses, holiday lets and other goings on, and hope that it will all pass without too much disruption to our valued clientele. Thereafter we wait to see what the future holds.”

AGM Monday 27 August

This year’s Annual General Meeting of the Coigach Community Development Company will take place in

Coigach Community Hall  MONDAY 27TH AUGUST 2012 at 7.30pm.


  1. Welcome
  2. Chairman’s Report
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. Fixing of Annual Subscriptions
  5. Election of Directors
  6. AOCB
  7. Q & As

This will be a chance for members to find out what’s been happening and about our continuing plans for sustainability. Full members will have the chance to vote on new directors and other relevant issues so remember to renew your membership or apply for membership if you have not already done so!

For further information email coigachldo@hotmail.co.uk . We also have a Facebook page too: Coigach Community Development Company

Good Wind Forecast

Coigach Community Development Company

At last night’s directors’ meeting we met Andy Oldroyd of Oldbaum Services Ltd (www.oldbaumservices.co.uk) who gave a brief but very encouraging resume of his analysis of the data Oldbaum have been collecting from our meteorological mast on the site of our proposed community wind turbine. Meanwhile, Atmos Consulting Ltd have almost completed their very thorough report which examines  the environmental  issues including ornithology and we are looking forward to receiving that within the next few weeks. Another step nearer to our submission for planning permission!

Recommended Reading for Communiteers!

 Community Ownership of land in the Highlands and Islands of ScotlandFrom the Low Tide of the Sea to the Highest Mountain Top
by James Hunter

with photographs by Cailean Maclean

Community Ownership of Land in the Highlands and Islands

In recent years, communities in the Scottish Highlands and Islands have taken ownership of more than half a million acres – an area equivalent to that of an English county like Nottinghamshire or West Yorkshire. In places long characterised by contracting economies and shrinking populations, this remarkable development has resulted in new homes, new businesses, greatly enhanced self-confidence and the attraction of lots of new residents.

ISBN 978-1-907443-28-2

On sale from the Ceilidh Place Bookshop or direct from Islands Book Trust



Featured in Guardian/Observer Travel

Splendid isolation: looking out from Loch Broom to the Summer Isles. Click on the magnifying glass icon to see a large version of the image. Photograph: Murdo Macleod for the Observer


Journalist Paul Webster visited Coigach as a youngster and came back recently to see if it was as good as he remembered. To summarise: it was!  All  in all Mr Webster has written  an enthusiastic piece which gives a very positive impression to the potential visitor  though as locals were quick to point out, there were are few inaccuracies: we have TWO whole shops, which between them serve the community with a wide variety of goods and services and the school has not been downgraded to a one teacher establishment…..yet.  The CCDC continutes to work hard towards our goal of providing  housing to encourage young families with children to live here. The happy news that the wind turbine can be transported here means we are a little step further towards a sustainable income but there’s lot of work to do – not least finding a suitable site for housing development.

We’re looking forward to welcoming visitors spurred on by Mr Webster’s article – and if they want to come and live here too so much the better. Vibrant community, excellent little school, fantastic scenery in an unpolluted environment, fun for all ages – what’s not to like?

For accommodation and visitor information go to  Achiltibuie Tourist Association’s own website www.coigach.com

(Click the link to read the whole article – but if that doesn’t work, we’ve pasted it into Coigach Connections for posterity.)

Scots Wha Hae wi Wallace Stone

Our appointed engineering consultants  Wallace Stone working on Badentarbet Pier. With suitable tides and good weather they spent the morning diving off the pier inspecting below the water, and the afternoon  making notes, taking measurements while drying off in the beautiful spring sunshine.

This project (Coigach Piers Feasibility Study) is being part-financed by Coigach Community Council, Highlands & Islands Enterprise, Summer Isles Enterprises, Coigach Community Development Company and The European Community Highland Leader 2007 – 2012 Programme.

Site Visit to Achavraie Burn

A walk to the head-waters of Achavraie burn

On Friday 28th October, John Duncanson and Gordon Robertson (Consulting Engineers) came for a look at Achavraie Burn, the site for proposed micro-hydro scheme for Coigach. Accompanied by Steve Husband and Alison Hitchings of CCDC’s energy sub-group and local businessman Peter Drake who was one of the main movers and shakers responsible for Coigach’s splendid Community Hall.

For this joint venture for CCDC and landowners Scottish Wildlife Trust a new company – Ben Mor Hydro Ltd –  has been formed and following tendering and interviews BMH Ltd was delighted to appoint John Duncanson to carry out a feasibility study. The study will consider all aspects of the scheme and will carry the process through to the planning stage.

Complementary to our proposed wind turbine, this is another promising project to make use of our natural resources: every rain cloud could potentially have a silver lining for the Community!