Tanera Mor: Community Ownership?

Summer Isles Enterprises, who own the island of Tanera Mor, the largest and only inhabited  of the famous Summer Isles have announced their intention to offer us the opportunity of a community buy-out.  There will be a Public Meeting on Monday 1 October  at 7pm in Coigach Community Hall, Achiltibuie so come along and share your thoughts.  Much to discuss over the coming weeks  and we all wish the Wilders and Williams well with their future plans: since coming to Tanera they have contributed generously in time and spirit and continue to be very valued members of our community. Whatever you decide to do next, we’re sure you’ll do it well!

“After almost 16 years as a happy home and a productive enterprise for the Wilder family, the time has come for a change for Tanera Mòr. As had always been their intention, Bill and Jean passed the title of Tanera on to their three offspring – Jack, Harry and Lizzie – in 2010. Now that all three siblings have their own young families we have all been carefully considering the future, and have taken the decision to approach the community to discuss the possibility of a community buyout.

As this is a real opportunity for the local community to purchase Tanera, the family is keen to assist as much as possible in the process. To that end discussions have just been initiated with Coigach Community Development Company, and we have arranged a public meeting for Monday 1st October at 7pm in the Community Hall.

Everyone in the family is extremely attached to Tanera and we have had a fantastic few years running the island and living in Coigach, and hope very much to remain in this part of the world. This has not been an easy decision but we feel it is the right one for all the young Wilder and Williams families, and for Tanera.

We are continuing to plan for 2013 as a ‘normal’ season, with the usual array of residential courses, holiday lets and other goings on, and hope that it will all pass without too much disruption to our valued clientele. Thereafter we wait to see what the future holds.”

Old Hydroponicum ballot result.

Coigach Community Development Company is pleased to report the results of the postal ballot on the former Hydroponicum buildings and land:

In response to the question asked: – “Are you in favour of the purchase (subject to funding) of the former Hydroponicum buildings and land by the Coigach Community Development Company, to be managed for the benefit of the community?”,

the result was:

Yes:  148  (91.9% of voters)

No:  12  (7.5% of voters)

There was one spoilt ballot paper.

 220 ballot papers were issued, and 161 valid ballot papers were returned, a percentage return of 73.2%.   No proxy votes were requested.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to think carefully about this issue, who voted and contributed to such a good turnout and supportive result.  Many thanks also to John Bruce and his team at Highland Council, who administered the ballot and counted the returns. 

With that fantastic result behind us we’re busy now with the next steps in the process of acquiring the land and putting it to better long-term use for the community – and that includes putting together the business plan, organising a feasibility study, speaking with housing associations, getting quotes for site development and raising the capital we require. The route we’ll likely be taking for raising the funds will see most of it coming from grant and loan, with the loan being re-paid by rental income. Following this route we’ll also have to raise some funds from the community – and we’ve already got well over £1,000 pledged by just a handful of community-minded individuals in just one day.

If you feel you’d like to contribute a donation to this great cause, just speak with any one of the directors or with Peter or Linda.

Keep watching upcoming posts for how the community buyout develops over the coming weeks.