Happy New Year!

And thanks to these hairy locals - owned by CCDC director Ben Walton.
And thanks to these hairy locals – owned by CCDC director Ben Walton.


Another busy year for CCDC beckons! With fresh new diaries on their desks, the staff and directors are looking at their To Do lists and bashing on with implementing the community development plan and working towards Coigach’s future sustainability.

Tanera: We will shortly select a consultant to carry out a quick appraisal of options to look at the pros and cons of possible purchase of the island for the community. This will enable us to make an informed decision regarding purchase  and it will be helpful to all to look at the possibilities from a different viewpoint.

The Smokehouse: Having cleared many of the hurdles of the community right to buy process, we are nearing a crucial point in the proceedings. If funding is firmly secured, we should be in a position to purchase soon – but there’s still a bit of work to do so watch this space and see what the Spring brings!

Housing & Workshop Units – still on the agenda, still working towards achieving these essentials on the community wish list!

Badentarbet Pier & Old Dornie Harbour: the feasibility study is still ongoing. Wallace Stone have carried out extensive surveying and consultation work and now Steve Westbrook is looking at the economics. Hopefully we’ll soon have a draft report of their findings which will give us further information to look at the scope for community ownership and/or developments and improvements.

Renewable Energy: work continues through our subsiduary companies Coigach Wind Power Ltd (community wind turbine) and Ben Mor Hydro (joint hydro power venture with Scottish Wildlife Trust) to drive these projects forward and closer to our goal of a sustainable income – to help with all the projects above and more.

CCDC and Citizens Online will shortly be embarking on informal training sessions for local people who would like to use the internet and who might be missing out if they don’t know how. Sessions will be kicking off soon so if you know someone that could benefit from accessing services, shopping, travel (and fun!) online please contact coigachldo@hotmail.co.uk . Training will be free, friendly and local – in the hall with a cup of tea.

And we (LDOs)  are particularly pleased to report that funding and contracts for the Local Development Officer (LDO)  post has been extended to include 2013 so that’s a good start!   Peter Muir and Julia Campbell will continue to share the post and are can be contacted by email coigachldo@hotmail.co.uk by phone: Peter 01854 622 444, Julia 01854 622 379, visited in the hall most Wednesday mornings from 10am – or stopped in the road, post office or shops if you have any queries, comments, suggestions or ideas.




AGM Monday 27 August

This year’s Annual General Meeting of the Coigach Community Development Company will take place in

Coigach Community Hall  MONDAY 27TH AUGUST 2012 at 7.30pm.


  1. Welcome
  2. Chairman’s Report
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. Fixing of Annual Subscriptions
  5. Election of Directors
  6. AOCB
  7. Q & As

This will be a chance for members to find out what’s been happening and about our continuing plans for sustainability. Full members will have the chance to vote on new directors and other relevant issues so remember to renew your membership or apply for membership if you have not already done so!

For further information email coigachldo@hotmail.co.uk . We also have a Facebook page too: Coigach Community Development Company

Hydroponicum Latest

The Achiltibuie Hydroponicum - an opportunity denied to us.

We’d hoped to be celebrating today as 20th November was the official deadline and date for completion of the sale and transfer of the old hydroponicum to Coigach community ownership. Sadly, the current owners, Moultan Ltd, a company registered in the Isle of Man,  exercised their right to withdraw the property from sale  so the champagne will have to wait. It’s not all doom and gloom though: our interest will remain on the Land Register so there may still be an opportunity to buy in the future, and it has been a useful experience for us.

Working through the Community Right to Buy process proved that we can work together effectively and with a 93% vote for the proposal to buy in the first place, showed that we have broad community support.

So, we’re disappointed but not defeated – and there are plenty of other things to keep us busy: feasibility studies are now underway for the wind turbine and micro-hydro scheme and we hope to have another underway to look at Badentarbet Pier and Old Dornie Harbour early in 2012

Another step in the Right to Buy direction!

Scottish Government Ministers have given their consent for CCDC to proceed with our Right To Buy the old Hydroponicum site for the benefit of the community. 

The Ministers considered our application carefully and made their decision in view of

  • the strength of the community ballot (97% in favour)
  • that the CCDC meets the requirements of the Land Reform Act  (Scotland) Community Right to Buy
  • that the proposals for this site are appropriate 

This is encouraging news and means we are now a little closer to our goal of acquiring land for workshop units and housing and the benefits they will bring to the people of Coigach.

We have already received some very generous donations towards the proposed purchase but we still need to raise funds.

Further donations will of course be very welcome and we are planning some fun events that will give everyone the opportunity to contribute their time, money… and soup!

If you would like to make a donation to the CCDC towards the purchase of the Hydroponicum and/or would like to know more about it and other community projects then please contact us – or drop by the hall on a Wednesday morning.    Julia Campbell and Peter Muir    Local Development Officers coigachldo@hotmail.co.uk

Tuesday 29th August 2011

By Julia Campbell

Brave New Future for Old Hydroponicum?

Business /workshop units AT LAST for Coigach? … and affordable housing possibilities? … and MORE?

The Coigach community now has the chance to buy the old Achiltibuie Hydroponicum building together with the surrounding three acres of land (from road to shore) to use for community benefit.

This is as a result of the CCDC registering an interest in the site under the Land Reform Act on behalf of the community.

To proceed with the purchase, the CCDC must produce a feasibility study and business plan and undertake a community ballot soon (watch this space!), but before embarking on these steps we want to show residents of Coigach what currently happens in the building and hear views and ideas about what you’d like to see happening there in the future.

Please come along to the Hydroponicum on  Tuesday 28th June at either 4pm or 7pm to inspire or be inspired.

Click on ‘Old Hydroponicum’ tab above for latest news and background.

LDOs open for business!!

‘What do you want for Coigach?’  Linda and Peter ask. We have now started as Development Officers for the CCDC.  It is a full time post which we are job-sharing.  Our remit is to promote and support Coigach, taking forward ideas and projects from the community.  Linda Macleod new LDO.
Lots of ideas have already been voiced through the ‘Have Your Say’ days, so we’ve got a busy year ahead pursuing those, but we’re always keen to hear more ideas –  big, small or in between, long-term, short-term, new or old. 

This is the first time that we has had a dedicated resource like this – just for Coigach – so please help us to make it as productive as we can!

A survey will be coming through your letter box at the beginning of December.  This is a Highlands and Islands Enterprise survey but it will give us some useful information and we were able to add a few questions at the end. So please,  please fill it in when it arrives!   Thanks in advance.

We will be at the Hall as many Wednesdays as we can.

You can contact us by email on CoigachLDO@hotmail.co.uk or by telephone,

Linda on 622 372 or 0750 398 2320,

Peter on 622 444  or 0750 394 6512

or failing that … you know where we live!

Many thanks, Peter and Linda.