Coigach Community Development Company

Trial Run Success for Turbine Lorry

Last Wednesday (25th April) Mar Train, the specialist heavy haulage company took a little jaunt out to Achiltibuie to check the route as part of the planning process for our community wind turbine. Accompanied by officers from Northern Constabulary, the extra-long lorry negotiated its way all the way down 20 odd miles of single track road without any difficulties.  Locals waiting by the wayside to greet it got all excited when a massive juggernaut hoved into sight only to discover it was Ben Walton’s roof trusses on their way to his house site. Not long on its tail was the expected Mar Train vehicle, which, unloaded look slightly less spectacular in comparison. However, let’s hope one day it will be wending its way to Coigach with a full load and our very own wind turbine.

More details about Coigach’s community wind turbine project can be found at

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